14 Karat Yellow Gold Pendant Containing 131 Round Cut Diamonds Weighing 0.32 Carats & 12 Multi Color Stones 10 Sapphires Weighing 2.79 Carats.


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  • Diamond Weight: .70+ct, 0.003ct, 0.004ct, 0.005ct, 0.01ct, 0.02ct, 0.03ct, 0.04ct, 0.05ct, 0.06ct, 0.067ct, 0.07ct, 0.08ct, 0.09ct, 0.1ct, 0.10ct, 0.11ct, 0.12ct, 0.13ct, 0.14ct, 0.15ct, 0.16ct, 0.17ct, 0.18ct, 0.19ct, 0.2ct, 0.20ct, 0.21ct, 0.22ct, 0.23ct, 0.24ct, 0.25ct, 0.26ct, 0.27ct, 0.28ct, 0.29ct, 0.3ct, 0.30ct, 0.31ct, 0.32ct, 0.33ct, 0.34ct, 0.35ct, 0.36ct, 0.37ct, 0.375ct, 0.38ct, 0.39ct, 0.4ct, 0.40ct, 0.41ct, 0.42ct, 0.43ct, 0.44ct, 0.45ct, 0.46ct, 0.47ct, 0.48ct, 0.49ct, 0.5ct, 0.50ct, 0.51ct, 0.52ct, 0.53ct, 0.54ct, 0.55ct, 0.56ct, 0.57ct, 0.58ct, 0.59ct, 0.6ct, 0.60ct, 0.61ct, 0.62ct, 0.63ct, 0.64ct, 0.65ct, 0.66ct, 0.67ct, 0.68ct, 0.69ct, 0.7ct, 0.70ct, 0.71ct, 0.718ct, 0.72ct, 0.73ct, 0.74ct, 0.75ct, 0.76ct, 0.77ct, 0.78ct, 0.79ct, 0.8ct, 0.80ct, 0.81ct, 0.82ct, 0.83ct, 0.84ct, 0.85ct, 0.86ct, 0.87ct, 0.88ct, 0.89ct, 0.9ct, 0.90ct, 0.91ct, 0.92ct, 0.93ct, 0.94ct, 0.95ct, 0.96ct, 0.97ct, 0.98ct, 0.99ct, 1ct, 1.00ct, 1.01ct, 1.02ct, 1.03ct, 1.04ct, 1.05ct, 1.06ct, 1.07ct, 1.08ct, 1.09ct, 1.1ct, 1.10ct, 1.11ct, 1.12ct, 1.13ct, 1.14ct, 1.15ct, 1.16ct, 1.17ct, 1.18ct, 1.19ct, 1.2ct, 1.20ct, 1.20+ct, 1.21ct, 1.22ct, 1.23ct, 1.24ct, 1.25ct, 1.26ct, 1.27ct, 1.28ct, 1.29ct, 1.3ct, 1.30ct, 1.31ct, 1.32ct, 1.33ct, 1.34ct, 1.35ct, 1.36ct, 1.37ct, 1.38ct, 1.39ct, 1.4ct, 1.40ct, 1.41ct, 1.42ct, 1.43ct, 1.44ct, 1.45ct, 1.46ct, 1.47ct, 1.48ct, 1.5ct, 1.51ct, 1.52ct, 1.53ct, 1.54ct, 1.55ct, 1.56ct, 1.57ct, 1.58ct, 1.59ct, 1.6ct, 1.61ct, 1.63ct, 1.64ct, 1.65ct, 1.66ct, 1.67ct, 1.68ct, 1.68 0.69ct, 1.69ct, 1.7ct, 1.71ct, 1.72ct, 1.73ct, 1.74ct, 1.75ct, 1.76ct, 1.77ct, 1.78ct, 1.79ct, 1.8ct, 1.81ct, 1.82ct, 1.83ct, 1.84ct, 1.85ct, 1.86ct, 1.87ct, 1.88ct, 1.89ct, 1.91ct, 1.92ct, 1.93ct, 1.94ct, 1.95ct, 1.97ct, 1.98ct, 1.99ct, 10ct, 10.06ct, 10.13ct, 10.16ct, 10.34ct, 10.51ct, 10.55ct, 10.57ct, 10.67ct, 10.69ct, 10.71ct, 10.74ct, 10.86ct, 10.92ct, 11.12ct, 11.13ct, 11.25ct, 11.31ct, 11.34ct, 11.42ct, 11.47ct, 11.58ct, 11.62ct, 11.77ct, 11.82ct, 11.93ct, 12.45ct, 12.48ct, 12.58ct, 12.59ct, 12.61ct, 13.21ct, 13.22ct, 13.25ct, 13.89ct, 13.96ct, 14.21ct, 14.31ct, 14.48ct, 14.65ct, 14.78ct, 15.16ct, 15.21ct, 16.12ct, 16.15ct, 16.5ct, 17.32ct, 17.58ct, 17.85ct, 18.04ct, 2ct, 2.00ct, 2.01ct, 2.03ct, 2.04ct, 2.05ct, 2.06ct, 2.07ct, 2.08ct, 2.1ct, 2.11ct, 2.12ct, 2.13ct, 2.14ct, 2.15ct, 2.16ct, 2.17ct, 2.18ct, 2.19ct, 2.2ct, 2.21ct, 2.22ct, 2.23ct, 2.24ct, 2.26ct, 2.27ct, 2.28ct, 2.29ct, 2.3ct, 2.31ct, 2.32ct, 2.33ct, 2.34ct, 2.35ct, 2.36ct, 2.38ct, 2.39ct, 2.4ct, 2.43ct, 2.44ct, 2.46ct, 2.47ct, 2.48ct, 2.49ct, 2.5ct, 2.50ct, 2.51ct, 2.52ct, 2.53ct, 2.54ct, 2.55ct, 2.56ct, 2.57ct, 2.58ct, 2.59ct, 2.6ct, 2.61ct, 2.62ct, 2.63ct, 2.65ct, 2.66ct, 2.67ct, 2.68ct, 2.69ct, 2.7ct, 2.71ct, 2.72ct, 2.73ct, 2.75ct, 2.76ct, 2.78ct, 2.79ct, 2.8ct, 2.81ct, 2.82ct, 2.83ct, 2.84ct, 2.85ct, 2.88ct, 2.89ct, 2.9ct, 2.91ct, 2.93ct, 2.94ct, 2.95ct, 2.96ct, 2.97ct, 2.99ct, 20ct, 20.12ct, 20.97ct, 21.08ct, 21.35ct, 21.67ct, 22.42ct, 22.82ct, 23.13ct, 23.71ct, 24.7ct, 25.76ct, 27.14ct, 3ct, 3.01ct, 3.02ct, 3.05ct, 3.06ct, 3.07ct, 3.08ct, 3.09ct, 3.1ct, 3.11ct, 3.12ct, 3.13ct, 3.14ct, 3.15ct, 3.16ct, 3.17ct, 3.18ct, 3.19ct, 3.22ct, 3.24ct, 3.25ct, 3.26ct, 3.27ct, 3.28ct, 3.29ct, 3.3ct, 3.30ct, 3.31ct, 3.33ct, 3.36ct, 3.39ct, 3.4ct, 3.41ct, 3.42ct, 3.43ct, 3.44ct, 3.45ct, 3.47ct, 3.48ct, 3.5ct, 3.54ct, 3.55ct, 3.56ct, 3.58ct, 3.59ct, 3.6ct, 3.64ct, 3.67ct, 3.68ct, 3.71ct, 3.72ct, 3.73ct, 3.74ct, 3.75ct, 3.76ct, 3.77ct, 3.78ct, 3.79ct, 3.81ct, 3.83ct, 3.84ct, 3.85ct, 3.87ct, 3.88ct, 3.9ct, 3.92ct, 3.93ct, 3.95ct, 3.96ct, 3.97ct, 3.98ct, 35.2ct, 4ct, 4.01ct, 4.02ct, 4.03ct, 4.04ct, 4.05ct, 4.06ct, 4.07ct, 4.09ct, 4.12ct, 4.13ct, 4.14ct, 4.15ct, 4.17ct, 4.19ct, 4.21ct, 4.22ct, 4.26ct, 4.3ct, 4.31ct, 4.33ct, 4.34ct, 4.35ct, 4.36ct, 4.37ct, 4.39ct, 4.4ct, 4.41ct, 4.42ct, 4.43ct, 4.44ct, 4.48ct, 4.5ct, 4.56ct, 4.61ct, 4.62ct, 4.63ct, 4.66ct, 4.68ct, 4.7ct, 4.71ct, 4.72ct, 4.74ct, 4.78ct, 4.79ct, 4.8ct, 4.82ct, 4.83ct, 4.85ct, 4.88ct, 4.89ct, 4.9ct, 4.91ct, 4.96ct, 4.97ct, 4.98ct, 40ct, 43.56ct, 5ct, 5.02ct, 5.03ct, 5.04ct, 5.09ct, 5.11ct, 5.12ct, 5.14ct, 5.17ct, 5.18ct, 5.19ct, 5.2ct, 5.21ct, 5.22ct, 5.23ct, 5.24ct, 5.25ct, 5.26ct, 5.28ct, 5.38ct, 5.39ct, 5.41ct, 5.43ct, 5.44ct, 5.5ct, 5.52ct, 5.54ct, 5.55ct, 5.58ct, 5.6ct, 5.61ct, 5.62ct, 5.63ct, 5.64ct, 5.67ct, 5.69ct, 5.7ct, 5.71ct, 5.75ct, 5.76ct, 5.77ct, 5.78ct, 5.82ct, 5.84ct, 5.85ct, 5.87ct, 5.88ct, 5.95ct, 5.97ct, 6ct, 6.02ct, 6.03ct, 6.06ct, 6.07ct, 6.08ct, 6.09ct, 6.1ct, 6.11ct, 6.12ct, 6.16ct, 6.17ct, 6.21ct, 6.25ct, 6.3ct, 6.34ct, 6.35ct, 6.37ct, 6.38ct, 6.4ct, 6.42ct, 6.43ct, 6.49ct, 6.5ct, 6.52ct, 6.59ct, 6.6ct, 6.63ct, 6.69ct, 6.76ct, 6.77ct, 6.79ct, 6.8ct, 6.81ct, 6.82ct, 6.83ct, 6.84ct, 6.92ct, 6.94ct, 6.96ct, 62.8ct, 7ct, 7.01ct, 7.02ct, 7.04ct, 7.05ct, 7.08ct, 7.09ct, 7.13ct, 7.14ct, 7.19ct, 7.21ct, 7.25ct, 7.35ct, 7.46ct, 7.5ct, 7.54ct, 7.66ct, 7.69ct, 7.71ct, 7.72ct, 7.81ct, 7.87ct, 7.89ct, 7.91ct, 7.93ct, 8ct, 8.04ct, 8.08ct, 8.09ct, 8.1ct, 8.13ct, 8.14ct, 8.17ct, 8.29ct, 8.34ct, 8.39ct, 8.46ct, 8.48ct, 8.5ct, 8.56ct, 8.62ct, 8.64ct, 8.71ct, 8.75ct, 8.77ct, 8.89ct, 8.91ct, 81ct, 9.1ct, 9.16ct, 9.21ct, 9.23ct, 9.26ct, 9.27ct, 9.49ct, 9.54ct, 9.57ct, 9.76ct, 9.83ct, 9.86ct, 9.88ct, 9.92ct, 9.98ct, 96ct, 99ct
  • Stone Weight: 0.17ct, 0.22ct, 2.40ct, 2.79ct
  • Stone Type: Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire
  • SKU: J7RYW
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Description & Details

14 Karat Yellow Gold Mounted Pendant with 131 Round Cut Diamonds weighing 0.32cts & Multi Color Stones including 10 Sapphires weighing 2.40cts, 1 Ruby weighing 0.22cts & 1 Tsavorite weighing 0.17cts for a total weight of 2.79cts

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